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BBiG's Application Testing Services

More than sixty percent of all software projects fail to meet objectives or suffer significant schedule and/or budget slippage because defects are discovered too late. Studies show that finding and fixing defects during test execution can cost 50 times more than during the early requirements phase-and 150 times more if left until production..

Software testing is often the first systems-development budget item to be cut when corporate spending is trimmed. Large organizations are finding it increasingly difficult to do comprehensive software testing internally and Businesses expect IT organizations to deliver higher quality systems in lesser time, and with fewer resources.

BBi India offering comprehensive testing solutions ranging from performance to interoperability testing. These solutions help organizations to achieve predictable software quality gains while reducing the time and cost associated with testing activities by leveraging BBi India ’s Global Delivery Model. The domains in which BBi India has expertise are: Healthcare, Travel Banking & Financial Services,& Telecom, Pharmaceuticals, eLearning etc.,.

Our Behavioral testing services spans various domains and has proven competency in Healthcare,Pharmaceuticals, Telecom, Banking & Financial Services, eLearning, Desktop Publishing, Retail, ERP, Travel & Logistics..

Offshore Testing :- Reduced Support Costs with BBiIndia's Software Testing and SQA Services

At BBiG India's, we believe that the best way to boost product revenues and brand is to identify and eliminate product issues before client finds about them.BBiG India's team regards end-to-end Software Testing / SQA as an indispensable phase of the development process. SQA is core expertise and offering of BBiG India's !.

Typically, BBiG India's clients companies that use our SQA solutions and global delivery model enjoy around 40% to 60% support cost reduction. Our expert test engineers in our world-class test lab can identify an array of potential problems in your software or applications before your users do. Our state-of-the-art test lab demonstrates our commitment to offering our clients a broad spectrum of expert testing services - Cross-Platform, Cross-Device and Cross-Browser.

Wide Range of Offshore and Onshore Testing Services

Strategic Testing : BBiIndia's senior test experts start at high level road map and business goals to be achieved. It then details all phases and testing road-map with ROI metrics. This is ideal approach for complex and relatively un-tested products.

Localization Testing : Covers multi-lingual, multi-currency testing scenarios. BBiIndia has testing experts as well as linguistic experts for required translation and verification.

Security Testing : Complete testing solutions for sensitive data. This solutions covers Confidentiality testing, Integrity testing, Authentication testing, Authorization testing, Availability testing and Non-repudiation testing. This also covers discovery, Vulnerability scan, Vulnerability assessment, Security Assessment, Penetration test, Security audit and Security reviews.

Integration Testing : Verification of functional, performance, and reliability requirements defined as per original design documents. Testing of interfaces, inter-process communication and individual sub-systems. Many times a test plan for Integration testing is collection of various other test cases. BBiIndia offers all approaches of Integration testing such as Big bang, Top down, Bottom up and Sandwich Testing.

Functionality Testing : This is usually a specification based testing aims to test functionality of software product according to requirements defined in Requirements Understanding document. This type of testing usually includes Black box testing and Gray box testing.

Regression Testing : This is ideal for testing of new patches, enhancements and modification. BBiIndia's Regression Testing solution confirms that no additional errors were introduced in the process of fixing other problems.

Test Automation : Using software code and scripts to run tests, the comparison of actual outcomes to predicted outcomes, the setting up of test preconditions, and other test control and test reporting functions.

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