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BBiG's Web Application Development Services

Enterprises are rapidly accepting and applying this transformation by opting for custom-built applications that are closely aligned to their business processes. For organizations world-wide, adapting to the new technology advancements remains a constant challenge and therefore successful custom web development and its implementation remains the primary concern.

At BBi India we are committed to creating robust applications that provide your business with an edge to attain business efficiency and allows you to compete in this highly competitive and high performance - driven corporate world..

Custom Application Development

Developing bespoke applications that meet specific business goals or address targeted business processes are our forte with our technology proficiency, backed by vast industry experience, we help our clients get well equipped for the future with our web development services

Application Maintenance

BBi India adopts a proactive approach to website custom application support and maintenance, by focusing on long-term functionality, stability, and preventive maintenance to avoid any implementation or post deployment issues.

Open Source Web Development Solutions

Open source offers practical accessibility to the source code of a product. This lets you customize the product to your liking. Open source is free, comes with more additional features and comes with a lower annual maintenance cost. We at BBi India, have extensive knowledge in the open source applications and provide consulting / customizing / deployment / maintenance of open source products for your enterprise.

Advantage@BBI INDIA

Our full-cycle custom application development and support services offer our clients a host of benefits including, but not limited to:
• Shortened application development life cycles.
• Value-based bespoke applications that suit your business objectives.
• Enhanced productivity and competitiveness.
• Reduced IT support costs

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